9 Email Newsletters for Product Marketers

We’re constant learners here at Driftt. Last week we shared our favorite product marketing books. And that’s not all. Our shelf space in the office is shrinking and our inboxes are bursting. We’re passing the information along to you.

Why so much reading? According to our CEO David, the only shortcut in life is to learn from the experiences of others.  After signing up for many subscriptions, we’ve curated our favorites, all geared for our product marketing friends.

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Why 9 subscriptions, you may ask? Just because 🙂

TL;DR marketing

This “fortnightly” email (every other week) delivers articles that pack a punch. With clear headlines and concise descriptions, Saijo George gives us cliff notes on SEO, SEM, and social media news. His updates are quick enough to give you an edge in digital marketing, sparse enough to keep your inbox clean.

We’re loving his rundown of Twitter’s and Pinterest’s recent changes. For the SEO pros, he delves into how the search engine can handle more complicated queries.

Hiten Shah

The master of Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics brings his brilliance to our inboxes weekly. We’re always happy to listen to Hiten share his experience advising startups. That’s probably more of an introduction than he even needs.

500 Startups Distro Snack

These quick tips with witty wording are often conversation starters in our office. They serve as reminders of good marketing practices as we build a company. Below is a good example of what we find relevant. Bonus points because the email displays nicely on mobile.


Justin Jackson Tiny Marketing Tips

These are just as the title suggests–tiny. Combined with 500 Startups Distro Snack, they are mini-lessons about marketing that remind us how to do our jobs well. Especially when we’re reading across several newsletters, we start to make connections between the lessons. If multiple people cite similar concepts, it’s in our best interest to pay attention.


Brian Dean’s discussion of SEO explains effective white hat backlink tactics. His content is designed to be actionable, so you can read his tips and start gaining more traffic. This is a reliable source in a niche of marketing with many black hat techniques.

Mattermark Daily

This data-driven company will make the numbers geek in you very happy. You’ll find metrics about emerging businesses and they recently ranked 15 prominent startups based on their growth. Hmmm…maybe we’ll be on that list one day.


Do you want to learn about startups, scaling, growth, traction, hiring, and exits? This is your newsletter. Packed with information about the explosive startup community, you can choose to receive it daily or weekly.

Appcues Blog

Appcues tests everything they suggest on their own business and gives you the results. Their commitment to transparency helps you learn from their success and mistakes to create a more informed growth strategy. We’re enjoying this collection of advice from successful entrepreneurs who are building lasting businesses.

The Hustle

Designed for non-technical founders and hustlers, you’ll find examples of marketing strategies, campaign announcements, and company updates hidden beneath quirky headlines. The onboarding flow for their newsletter is one of the best we’ve seen (check it out in our relationship marketing examples article).