A Two-Click, No Code Chatbot for Your Sales Team to Get ROI Today

TL;DR: This is something every sales team can start getting ROI from immediately with no customization and it just works. You email people and they come to your website, and there you are with a personalized welcome for them. Here’s why that’s important, what all that means, and a 15 second, two click setup tutorial is included.

As a sales professional, you are focused on making sure everything your target accounts and high-value prospects see is first class, and you want to make sure to you stay on top of their experience to keep it consistent.

Your company may have even fooled around with some website personalization tools before. But did something feel wrong about them? Did they always seem off or to miss the mark in some way?

There’s a reason why. And it’s not your fault.

A lot of the personalization we’ve seen seems interesting on the surface, but it ultimately feels weird to be reading copy and see your name in the middle of a website page.

Over the years, I’ve seen how that type of personalization typically goes. It is rolled out with Amazon-like intentions, but it can get stale pretty quick and never rolled out beyond a very basic point.

At Drift, we thought long and hard about how personalization should work. People visit websites, and at some point, they really want to talk with people. We’ve done a lot to make that process easier.

But there’s another group of people that have already talked with a salesperson, and then visit the website after that point. These are people sought ought by the sales reps. These are people we already have on our radar.

How can we level up personalization for them?

We built something inside Drift that takes this to the next level, and you may not know about it yet.

Greet your high value prospects personally on your website by name with this Drift Playbook.

We call it the “Email Referred Welcome Message”

When a person you emailed with the Drift Chrome Extension clicks a link in your email and ends up on your website, this welcome message pops up to encourage a real-time conversation.

This message shows the email sender’s face and is most effective when used with Drift’s personalization options, letting the prospect know this message is specifically for them.

When people chat in, the message will be sent straight to your sales rep’s mobile device with the Drift App (iOS/Android), which functions just like another messenger service for them.

If your sales rep is busy or on a sales call already, Drift can hop in to help in one of three ways: drop a calendar link so they can book a meeting, other helpful folks on the team can hop in, or we can let the prospect know that the message was received, and they’ll be in touch after a meeting. It’s up to you. Just set your routing options here.

The Email Referred Welcome Message is something you can go and turn on in your Drift Account in two clicks, right this second… here.

In fact the language and personalization is pre-loaded in there for you. You can customize it if you want, but there are no settings to adjust (unless you want to). Watch this 15 second two click setup.

All your sales reps will be having more conversations with the people they want, faster. This means a faster sales cycle.

When you turn this on in two clicks, it will work for everyone in your organization sending email with Drift. Set it up now.

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