Introducing Driftbot for Help: Never Let Your Customer’s Questions Go Unanswered Again

Driftbot for Help

Over the past three years, we’ve worked with thousands of customers to help them adopt conversational marketing.

And we’ve noticed a trend.

While Drift customers have grown their sales pipelines by as much as 170%, it’s not just prospects who use chat to get answers NOW.

Your customers need answers to their questions too.

“In the last week, 20% of our conversations were transferred over to support” explained Emily Lonetto of Clio, a Drift customer who has grown chat leads by 625% over the last four months.

For most Drift customers, their sales team is using chat to engage with prospects on their website. But customer support questions still come through (and regardless of the targeting you’ve set up, some always will).

So your sales team either spends time trying to find answers to support questions – or worse, they ignore your customers altogether.

Either way this is a bad experience for your customers – the people who are already paying you money.

And it’s not even your sales team’s fault for ignoring customers! They’re supposed to be selling, not answering support questions. That’s what you hired a support team to do.

This leads to a problem. Your support team works out of Zendesk or perhaps Salesforce Service Cloud. Not Drift.

And we don’t want to change that.

We believe in an open future for B2B. So today we’re introducing Driftbot for Help so you can get your customers the help they need now, without slowing down your sales team. We’re also excited to announce you can now integrate Drift with whichever support ticketing tool you’re using today. 

Introducing Driftbot for Help

With Driftbot for Help, you can create a fast lane from chat to any of the tools your support team already uses including Zendesk, Salesforce Service Cloud, Jira Service Desk and more.

By surfacing relevant help documentation and giving customers and Drift users alike the ability to submit tickets right from the conversation, customers get instant help, details don’t get lost in the shuffle, and your sales team can stay focused on what they do best – selling.

Deliver Instant Answers Right When Your Customers Need Them

In an ideal world, you can provide your customers with self-service content that can quickly answer any question. Most businesses leverage a knowledge base that their customers can tap into when they need it. But what about the customers who are chatting in or can’t find what they need in your help articles?

By connecting Drift to your knowledge base (Zendesk, WordPress, etc.), Driftbot for Help automatically surfaces relevant help documentation to answer your customers’ questions. Your customers can skip the back-and-forth and find the help they need in seconds without human intervention. 

Instant answers Drift

Automatically Create Support Tickets Inside Any Conversation

Help documentation from your knowledge base can be really useful, but it’s not a catch-all. Sometimes, your customers’ questions are more complex or require a human to get involved to troubleshoot their issue live. If they’re chatting in to get this help, odds are they’ll be routed to a sales rep on Drift.

If a customer’s question isn’t answered in your knowledge base, Driftbot can automatically create a support ticket on their behalf. Your customers can provide a quick description within the conversation and the second they hit send, a ticket will be created and routed straight to your support team’s ticketing system with all the context needed to give customers the fastest possible resolution. 

Support tickets Drift

Answer 100% of Support Questions Without Involving Your Sales Team

We all want to deliver an amazing customer experience. But a lot of the time, doing so comes at the expense of the sales team. Salespeople just aren’t equipped to answer support related questions. Doing so also means they’re wasting valuable selling time.

Because Drift connects to the help desk your support team already uses, your sales team never has to worry about answering support related questions or funneling issues between departments. Instead, they’re able to stay focused on what they do best – selling and having more conversations with potential customers.

Ready to try Driftbot for Help? Book a demo now.

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