The Best Way to Send Fewer Outbound Sales Emails and Get Better Results

Yesterday my teammate Erik laid out the ultimate guide to conversational sales. In case you missed it, Erik explained how today’s buyers have come to expect a new type of experience, where conversations happen on their terms.

You can’t supply that type of experience with your traditional sales and marketing tools. But don’t worry, I got your back.

Today, I’m here to show you how to send emails with Drift that are connected to your website, so you can give your buyers a better conversational experience.

First of all, you’ll need Drift Pro and Enterprise to do all this. You can subscribe to Drift Pro or Enterprise here in your Drift account. If you’d like a demo before you purchase, click here and Driftbot will hook you up.

Once you’re setup with Drift, you’ll need to install the Drift Chrome Extension.

Now that you have the Chrome Extension installed, you can send emails with Drift from Gmail. When the recipient clicks any link within the email to your website, they’ll be prompted with a welcome message from you.

If I sent an email to a prospect named Amy, this is how it would work when Amy clicks the link to your site.

Make sense? But here’s two questions you might have:

  1. How do I customize that welcome message?
  2. How can I add my entire sales team to send emails and greet prospects with personalized messages?


How to Customize the Welcome Message

This is where the pre-packaged Drift Playbook called “Greet Outbound Prospects You Emailed” comes into play.

You can find this in the Playbook marketplace within Drift.

The first step in setting up your Playbook is customizing the welcome message.

You can add personalization tokens like above where it says {{user.firstNameid(“there”)}} so that whoever you email knows you’re talking specifically to them. Other examples of personalization tokens include company name, industry, job title and much more. Plus you can create your own personalization tokens and even save answers to LeadBot questions as tokens.

Write the welcome message so it works for your audience. But I suggest you make it obvious the rep who sent the email is the go-to resource for that prospect.

Think about Drift Email like this. Imagine you’re in the mall walking around when you see an ad for a clothing store. Perfect, you need some new clothes. There’s an employee of the store on the ad who’s telling you to come check out his store.

When you go to visit the store wouldn’t it be a great experience to have that same employee you saw on the ad greet you at the front door then show you around? It’s one cohesive experience.

That’s what we did with Drift Email.

So now that you’ve got the Drift extension installed and a welcome message composed, how do you get this to work for your whole sales team?

How To Get Your Whole Sales Team on Drift Email

When you’re setting up your outbound Playbook in Drift, you’ll notice below the welcome message is the option to invite your whole team to use the Drift Extension.

Like I said before, you need the Drift Chrome Extension to use Drift Email. So you must have each sales rep that’s going to outbound prospect, install the extension. Once it’s installed, all the reps have to do is send their emails with Drift.

Any link to your website in the email will automatically trigger your welcome message.

When a prospect clicks on one of the links to your website, they’ll be greeted with the welcome message by the rep that sent the email.


Your entire sales team can send emails – on their own – and each recipient gets a personalized experience with one representative of your company (the rep that sent the email). Now your team will be sending smarter emails.

Drift will notify your reps when someone opens or clicks one of their emails, visits your website and when that prospect responds to their welcome message.

You can view all your email activity right from within the Chrome Extension too.

But there’s one problem with this approach. If you’re not there to talk to your prospect when they visit your site, what happens?

That’s why we built bots that have your back if you’re not available. If you don’t respond to a prospect after a few minutes, our bots will jump into the conversation and invite the prospect to book a meeting with you.

Just make sure your sales team has their calendars connected to Drift so our bots can book a time when your reps are available.

Now that you know how to use conversational sales to send fewer emails and get better results, you can reinvent your outbound prospecting to let your customers buy on their terms.

Ready to supercharge your outbound prospecting with Drift Email? Click here to book a call with our team.

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