Introducing Drift Email for Marketing – Turn Your Emails Into Engaging Conversations That Close Leads Faster

Is your email marketing actually helping your business?

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

Your sales team doesn’t know what marketing is sending, or why. So they’re going rogue, and sending sequences with marketing content on their own.

Now emails are being sent from not only marketing, but sales and sometimes even the product. Your marketing emails feel redundant or poorly timed to your leads.

And they’re complaining. They don’t understand why your business can’t communicate with them properly.

You realize you’ve inadvertently created a terrible experience for your buyers. And you could be losing business.

And here’s the thing. You’re spending so much time on your emails – optimizing for clicks, for each email to look great in different email clients, adjusting color schemes and button padding to get a minor increase in your click-through rate…

But is all that effort really worth it?

Somehow as marketers we’ve lost sight of the fact that there are real people on the other end of our email blasts. Not just clicks.

We don’t think about whether it’s right to email 10,000 people, instead we focus on optimizing the design to get 400 clicks instead of 300.

Step away from your WYSIWYG editors for a moment, and think about this.

Why are you sending emails in the first place? Email marketing is about building a relationship between your business and your leads. At scale.

And how do you build relationships? Through conversations. Not clicks.

That’s why today we’re introducing Drift Email for Marketing – the first conversational email marketing platform. Turn your emails into engaging conversations that’ll help you close deals faster.

Why Email Marketing Is Broken

People hate email marketing.

Not the people that send it, we love it. But the people receiving it.

They hate it because it’s not real-time and marketers abuse it when they need to reach a goal like getting people to sign up for a webinar.

People also hate email because it’s not smart. Sales and marketing emails aren’t synced. So people receive too many emails at once. And people hate getting too much email from your business.

At Drift we’ve made email marketing mistakes before. What business hasn’t?

And we’ve seen the response plenty of times.

Like Joe. He got three emails from us in one day (one from sales, one from marketing and one from product).

And that sucks cause Joe might have been a really great customer for Drift, but we’ve turned him off with emails.

On top of that, email marketers are spending way too much of their time creating fancy email templates and optimizing for clicks.

Email marketers have lost sight of crafting great email copy, and targeting the right audience.


Drift Email For Marketing Helps You Create Seamless Buying Experiences

(rather watch a video about how Drift Email for Marketing works? Here’s a first look 👆)

So how do we create better experiences for our customers with email?

And how do we make our email marketing feel more like an extension of conversations on our website and less like splintered communication?

Well, we started by making Drift Email for Marketing smarter than your traditional email marketing tool.

Drift Emails – sales and marketing – will never contradict one another.

If you’re sending your Sequences and marketing emails in Drift, Drift will automatically prioritize sales emails over marketing and not send contacts that are already engaged with sales, marketing emails.

No more angry replies from potential customers about getting over-emailed.

So if a sales rep enrolls a lead in a Sequence to try to get her to book a meeting, and she also happens to be added to a webinar invite list, Drift won’t send them that webinar invite.

In fact, you can exclude all contacts engaged with your sales team – with just one-click.

Say goodbye to setting up tedious if/then branching workflows.
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Here’s another scenario. If a lead had a meeting or has one upcoming with your sales team, Drift won’t send them marketing emails.

Likewise, if a lead was enrolled in an email flow via Sequences, Drift won’t send them marketing emails either.

If someone is engaged with your sales team, wouldn’t you want the sales rep to own the interactions with that lead?

But for some reason, marketing automation platforms haven’t made this easy for you.

Drift Email for Marketing doesn’t have a fancy WSIWYG email editor.

At some point in the last ten years, email marketers lost their way.

They started picking their email product based on bells and whistles, not actual functionality…

But recipients don’t actually care about email templates. Marketers are the only ones that actually care about email design.

So with Drift Email for Marketing, you’ll only be able to create plain text email and use simple templates. That’s on purpose.

Create a seamless experience between email and website.

And if you’re using Playbooks on your website now you can connect them with your emails.

This is one of my favorite parts of Drift Email for Marketing because it means marketers can create truly incredible, personalized experiences and automate engagement for your leads.

When someone comes to your website that you emailed, you can specifically target them with a personalized message.
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Here’s an example:

You could email your blog subscribers to share a new blog post and include a P.S. about a webinar on the same topic as the blog post.

For people that click to read your blog post, you could set up a Playbook to run on your post after someone has read half the article to say:

And you can do this with Drift Email for Marketing. You can customize this experience to start conversations with your sales team.

Dynamic sending, without having to hack it together.

How many times have you tried to hack together a way to send marketing emails that come from an account owner?

If you’re anything like me, far too many to count.

We do this to create a better experience for our leads.

It’s like walking into the Apple Store looking for help. Each employee is a tour guide that works with you one-on-one.

You don’t get four to five employees all trying to talk to you at once.

So why do your emails come from four to five people at your company?

So now you can create a seamless experience with one person from your company sharing content, announcements, offering help and guiding your potential customers along their buying journey.

Drift Email for Marketing also has dynamic calendar and email signature, so the marketer can craft the emails and automate them on your sales team’s behalf.

Give your sales team more conversations with dynamic sending.

See the real impact of your marketing emails.

Speaking of conversations and meetings, wouldn’t it be great to see how your marketing emails impact sales?

Right now you might only be grading email performance with click-rate (or click-through rate). That’s because it’s the best metric you got.

Well that all changes today with Drift Email for Marketing.

Like how many meetings are booked from each email. Or how many conversations occurred from your email.

And yes, you can even see how each email has influenced revenue.

Forget clicks.

Think conversations.

That’s what really matters to your business.

And now that information is in your email reporting.

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We Already Built You Email Playbooks To Get Started

Drift Email for Marketing comes with the Team and Company Plans (as well as legacy Pro and Enterprise plans).

You can sign into your account right now and create emails in Playbooks. You can send one-time emails, set up automated emails for when someone joins a Segment, and create drip campaigns with delays between each email.

But… we went one step further and created four pre-packaged Playbooks to make getting started with Drift Email as easy as possible for you.

When you log into your Drift account, you’ll find these four Playbooks waiting for you:

  1. Blog nurture – three emails in a drip campaign to engage with your subscribers
  2. Blog content promotion – send an email promoting your latest blog post to subscribers
  3. Newsletter – send your weekly news update
  4. Product Announcements – update your leads with what’s new in your product

On Thursday I’m going to show you how to turn your blog subscribers into hot leads using Drift Email for Marketing. You’ll walk away from this FREE 45-minute training knowing step-by-step how to turn your blog subscribers into sales pipeline, so don’t miss it! Sign up now, space is limited.


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