Drift Automation Featured In The Wall Street Journal


There are more than 7,000 marketing and sales tools out there supposedly built to make your job easier. But when it comes to picking which platforms to use and getting all those systems talking to each other, things don’t feel easy at all. Instead, all of this clutter has made it really hard to optimize marketing and sales systems in a way that works for the customer.

Until now.

Drift recently launched Drift Automation – marketing automation built for the customer era.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Drift Automation helps handle curveball questions and winnow sales leads. Learn more here.

Here’s how it works. Using the power of AI and machine learning, Drift Automation’s Qualification Bot is trained to respond to customer inquiries in a way that mimics how your best sales reps respond. Once on your site, the bot can both answer and ask questions. So when someone comes along looking for information on an integration or how pricing works, Qualification Bot knows the answer. 

But Qualification Bot is so much more than just a bot that asks and answers questions. Drift Automation can context switch just like real people do. According to a recent write-up in The Wall Street Journal, Ian Jacobs, a principal analyst at Forrester, notes just how powerful this technology is.

It is rare for a chatbot to engage in context switching that involves handling a non sequitur and returning to an original line of questioning…It is even rarer for a bot to be able to recalibrate and abandon a line of questioning if it senses that line is no longer needed to achieve an objective.

Read more of the WSJ’s coverage of Drift Automation’s powerful context-switching capabilities here.

And this kind of intelligent support means companies using Qualification Bot are able to redirect valuable sales resources. Take Keap for instance, which expects to save more than $1 million a year using the platform.

The WSJ gave a breakdown of how Keap is expecting to save $1 million a year with Drift Automation. Read how here.

Drift Automation is available right now for all Drift customers who are looking to more easily identify the best leads in the sales funnel.

Here’s what Drift’s CTO Elias Torres had to say about it:

Top-of-the-funnel qualification requires so many humans and so much effort,” Mr. Torres said. “Finally we have AI that can be built with very small amounts of data, and we can actually free the hands of businesses.

You can learn more about Drift Automation in The Wall Street Journal here.

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