Time To Get Rid Of Your Forms – Now You Can Save LeadBot Answers As Attributes

This week we released the ability to save and map your visitor’s responses to LeadBot’s questions as attributes.

What does that mean for you? No more forms.

(Check out -> How to Generate Leads Online Without Forms)


One of the most common objections users had with switching their form to a LeadBot was the ability to save and map responses into other marketing and CRM systems. And that makes sense. You should be able to save your data as you’d like and report or analyze on it in other systems. So now you can.

But saving responses as attributes in Drift isn’t only valuable because you can send the data to other systems. It also can be used to make your bot a lot smarter.

Here’s an example.

This bot asks me about the name of my company:

So I answer that I work at Acme Corp.

Upon answering, this bot saves that answer “Acme Corp” as my company. Because it’s instantly saved, it can be inserted into another question.

So for instance, a natural follow up question to “where do you work” is “what do you do at that company?”

Here’s how I designed the bot to ask me that question.

See how useful this is? Now you can design LeadBot questions that use answers to personalize the conversation.

Inside my Playbook, all I’ve done is include that attribute inside my question:

This feature is live for Pro and Enterprise users right now, so log into Drift and replace those forms with LeadBots. If you want more information on how to use attributes, here’s documentation from our customer advocate team.

And if you have a question, shoot me a message on Drift: team.drift.com/danielmurphy

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