Introducing the Drift and Vidyard GoVideo Integration: Drive Conversational Marketing Results In Just A Few Clicks

Drift and Vidyard integration
By 2021,
video will drive 82% of all the consumer traffic on the internet.

At the same time, messaging as a marketing channel is gaining serious momentum:  A recent study showed that 90% of people would prefer to use it to interact with businesses over other mediums.

If marketing and sales are about being where your potential customers are, then the takeaway for businesses is clear: It’s time to capitalize on these two megatrends.

But, rather than just tell you that you should be using real-time messaging and video in your sales and marketing, we decided to make it easy to do just that.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Drift’s newest integration with Vidyard GoVideo.

DG will give you a quick walk-through 👇🏽

Messaging and Video: The Conversational Marketing Tools That Get You Closer to Your Customers and Prospects

Here at Drift, we believe every sale starts with a conversation.

But the so-called best in breed tools of yesterday fail to give today’s sales and marketing teams the ability to do that. Instead, they just build barriers between you and your hottest leads.

Case in point? Old-fashioned forms make buyers jump through hoops, chipping away at buyer intent. Marketing automation, on the other hand, has the tendency to make prospects feel like just a number. In today’s saturated market, buyers have more choices than ever before. Deliver either of those experiences and prospects will go to your competition.

But with a conversational approach to marketing and sales, your outreach is real-time, personalized, and relevant. Messaging gets you in front of prospects at the right time, and the human element — video — helps you stay there.

So, How Does the Drift and Vidyard GoVideo Integration Work?

Using conversational marketing tools like messaging and video shouldn’t add more work to a marketer’s plate. That’s why we made adding video ridiculously simple inside Drift.

Here are the three ways you can use the all new Drift and Vidyard GoVideo integration:

Add personalized videos to sales conversations.

Say a visitor to your site jumps into a sales chat to ask about how a feature works. Instead of directing them elsewhere to find an answer, you can record a video and add it to your conversation instead. That means less context-switching for you, and more content for your prospects.

Use Vidyard in Drift for sales conversations
Add personalized Vidyard videos to sales conversations.

Create personalized videos for marketing emails.

Let your leads know there’s a real person on the other side of that email. With the Drift and Vidyard GoVideo integration, you can include a personalized video by segment, or go more granular with videos that are tailored towards specific lead sources.

Use Vidyard in Drift for marketing emails
Create personalized Vidyard videos to include in marketing emails.

✅Include relevant videos in your sales outreach.

Here at Drift, our sales reps use Vidyard to record videos that they can then drop right into Sales Sequences. In just a few clicks, they can record and send personalized videos to prospects with zero help from the marketing team. 🙌🏽

Use Vidyard in Drift for sales outreach
Add personalized Vidyard videos to sales outreach.

Get Started with the Drift and Vidyard Integration Today

Staying closer to your prospects and customers with video is completely free. All you need is a Drift account and a Vidyard GoVideo account to start using the integration.

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