The Simple Change That Helped Digital Jolt Triple Conversions


Meet Jon.

(He’s the guy smiling in that image above).

Jon is the founder of a company here in Boston called Digital Jolt.

Digital Jolt works with early stage startups and tech companies who don’t have a Chief Marketing Officer yet but need help with marketing (from strategy all the way to the nuts and bolts of marketing like content creation, design, and video).

Jon is an engineer by trade and has worked with dozens of start-ups in Boston over the years, helping to launch award winning products including, OpenAir, and most recently, Scratch Wireless.

And given his background in tech, one of the things Jon takes pride in is being up-to-date on the latest tools so Digital Jolt can make the best recommendations to their clients.

That’s where Drift comes in.

How Digital Jolt Used Drift To Triple Website Conversions

Jon came across Drift because he was looking to help his clients convert more website visitors into sales leads.

“We operate a handful of different sites that we use as a sandbox to test out new platforms,” Jon said. “And as mathematical marketers we were interested in figuring out how to help companies, especially B2B companies, convert better in a mobile-first world. Drift is definitely a great tool for that as we’ve seen on our own site.”

But before Drift, Digital Jolt (like most businesses) relied on this traditional “Contact Us” button at the top of their website:


Which brought up this form:


Simple enough.

But Jon wanted to see how putting Drift on his homepage would convert compared to forcing people to “fill out an old-school style form” (as he puts it) in order to get in touch.

So, instead of that “Contact Us” button, when you land on Digital Jolt’s site, you see Jon’s smiling face:

And instead of popping out a form that people have to fill out (and then sit around waiting to get a response back), Jon is able to have conversations with the people who are interested in Digital Jolt in real-time:


“Today’s buyers want an immediate response and Drift gives me an easy way to respond in seconds,” Jon said. “Plus it’s a conversation not a form, so I can ask different questions of different buyers.”

A conversation, not a form.

That’s what people expect out of businesses today. Nine out of ten consumers want to be able to use messaging to talk to businesses.

And when your business has a website experience that matches the way that people behave online today, you don’t just get happier website visitors — you get better results.

Digital Jolt tripled their website conversions with Drift.

.8% of their website visitors would fill out the “Contact Us” form — but with Drift, Jon said he’s been able to get contact information from between 2.3 and 2.4% of people.

Pretty nice when things are more customer-friendly and produce better results.

Get started with Drift today and start turning leads into customers faster by focusing on the people who are already on your website (it’s 100% free to get started).

Click here to learn more about how Drift can help your business grow.

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