How This CSM Gives Her Customers Clearer Answers (with Fewer Meetings)

By Drift

I used to think video was just an outbound sales tool.

I was wrong.

The use of video has exploded over the last few months – especially now that many of us are working from home due to the COVID-19 outbreak. But it’s not just sales reps getting in front of the camera – I’ve seen more CSMs & AEs turning to video to connect with customers on a more personal level. At Drift, we love Zoom because it’s a powerful tool for connection (hey – we even built an integration for Drift Video + Zoom). But Zoom fatigue is a real thing. So I wanted to share an example of how I’ve seen folks on the customer success side of the house using asynchronous video to provide updates to customers in place of a formal meeting.

And since this is about saving time for both the customer and the rep, I think it’s actually one of the best ways to remove friction with video.

Because we all know getting “just” 15 minutes on someone’s calendar is hard. And getting stuck in a looong email thread is painful.

Video is a third option.

A while back, I met Erin Carr (she’s the one who really made me see that video could be used for way more than just outbound sales)?

Erin is a client success lead at Mongoose Research, conversational software company that focuses exclusively on higher education. Like most CSMs, her calendar is packed and her inbox is full. She’s onboarding new customers, managing a book of business, digging into metrics, and helping users get the most out of her platform.

Time is always her #1 challenge ⏰

And when customers ask complex questions, it takes a TON of time.

But Erin found a secret weapon that cuts unnecessary meetings and eliminates frustratingly long email threads by letting her show the answer quickly.

How, you ask? The answer is simple (but brilliant). She answers customer questions with Drift Video.

Erin says that recording a quick video is more efficient when answering a complex question like “how do I update user access in the platform?”

Previously, these questions would require a meeting or a lengthy email.

Now, she can give a clear and complete answer in less than five minutes. But don’t just take it from me. I asked Erin about what her workflow looked like before she started using video, and what it’s like now ? 

“Video helps me deliver clearer, faster answers to my customers. I used to spend tons of time typing up long emails and scheduling unnecessary meetings. Now with Drift Video, I can record a quick video showing the customer exactly what they need to do.”

With Drift Video, she can:

  1. Record herself and her screen.
  2. Send a personalized, shareable video link to her customer.
  3. Get notified when her customer is watching (and follow-up when they don’t).
  4. Chat live alongside the video for additional help.

For Erin, video isn’t just about saving time – it also helps build stronger relationships with her customers.

“We only get to see our customers once per year at our annual conference. For them to see my face and how I’m talking, that’s a huge way to build a personal relationship day to day.”

Here’s how Erin is using video to break the ice and introduce herself to new customers in a more personal way ?



And here’s an example video from Erin where she’s showing instead of telling ?

Are you in customer success? Want to give it a try?

Drift Video is completely free for individual CSMs, educators, and nonprofits. Sign-up here.