Introducing Conversational Marketing – the Newest Podcast from Drift


Hey everyone, Sammi here with some exciting news  ?

Today we’re introducing Conversational Marketing – the newest podcast in the HYPERGROWTH Network.

We wrote the book on Conversational Marketing, so we thought it was about time we got started on the podcast  ?

Now, every other Wednesday you can get tips, tricks, and everything in between. We’re going to zero in on campaigns from B2B and B2C brands and learn what it takes to do conversational marketing the right way.

Because at the end of the day, we’re all human beings who don’t want to be sold to. We want better buying experiences. And that’s where conversational marketing comes into play.

Believe us when we say there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re B2B, B2C, new to the category or a veteran conversational expert, we’re going to explore everything the category has to offer and learn new ways to implement conversations into your current business strategy.

What new ways, you ask? Just take this example from Wendy’s ?

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Meet the Hosts

Sara Pion and I are teaming up to bring this podcast to life.

If you’re a Drift fan, you’ve probably heard of Sara before. She builds out Drift for Drift (I know, very meta) and has spent the past two years perfecting how to start conversations, keep them going, and get them to close.

And me? I’m Sammi. I help our customers build out bots and optimize experiences on their sites to be more engaging and real.

Sara and I are nerds about this stuff – and we’re excited to learn with you on this journey as we soak up as much as we can about conversational marketing. And if you’re newer to the topic and want a crash course before listening to the episode, I suggest reading this guide to conversational marketing that our team put together ?

Ready, Set, Let’s Go

In our first episode, we’re giving you our definition for this thing we call conversational marketing and break down three examples of B2B and B2C brands who are doing it right.

You can tune into the first episode here ?

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