Infographic: Rise of the Chatbots


If you’ve been following the Drift blog, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been writing quite a bit about artificial intelligence and chatbots in recent weeks (like this post about how artificial intelligence could change marketing forever, and this one that describes the different types of chatbots … oh, yeah, and this one where I defined machine learning in terms non-technical people can understand).

Anyway, after doing a bunch of research around these topics, and uncovering some pretty interesting statistics along the way, it dawned on us: Why not take everything we’ve learned so far and put it altogether in one big infographic? 

Welp, that’s exactly what we did.

Check out our “Rise of the Chatbots” infographic below and let us know what you think. Feel free to use the embed code at the bottom for adding the infographic to your own blog or website, too.


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2018 Update:

Want more insights around how chatbots are reshaping online experiences?

Check out our 2018 chatbot report.

One thought on “Infographic: Rise of the Chatbots”

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