Can Better Productivity Benefit Your Family?

You probably already have some sense of your workplace productivity. Maybe you measure it yourself, maybe your boss delivers some relatively meaningless numbers to you every six months as part of your review, maybe there’s actually a really cool bonus structure in place that rewards you for actually, like, getting more work done.

Crazier things have happened.

The point of all that workplace productivity measurement, of course, is to encourage everyone to be as productive as possible—to create value for the business as efficiently as possible. And that makes sense from a bottom-line perspective, but could better productivity mean anything on a deeper level? Could being more productive actually lead to a more fulfilling home life and a stronger family?

Productivity Means Prioritizing

Being productive at work is all about setting the right priorities—that’s what keeps your tasks in focus and helps you maximize the value you create during your working hours.

Maximizing the value of your time at home means getting to spend time with your family in ways you all enjoy and that bring you closer, so the more you prioritize those tasks the more productive your time at home will be. A clear schedule can help you clear household chores out of the way quickly to ensure you spend the time you want on evenings and weekends helping kids with their homework, visiting fun places, and spending quality time with your significant other.

Productivity Requires Taking Time Off

Good workplace productivity means a good work/life balance, according to the research, but that’s just the beginning. You need good life/life balance, too, and once again good productivity comes to the rescue.

Treat your household chores the same way you would a work task: break it into small chunks, take frequent breaks to spend some time kicking back, and remember not to pack too much into your day or weekend. Not only will too many chores keep you away from your priority of family time, but you’ll fail to get the time off you need to recharge for the coming week. Use the right tools to keep your chores and your fun times organized, and taking your breaks will be a breeze.

Productivity Leads to Long-Term Good

The best way to stay productive is to understand the longer-term, higher-purpose goals you’re working towards. In your career, this means (hopefully) contributing a better world and a better company that employees people and makes life better for your clients/customers.

For your home and family life, this means defining and working towards a sense of personal accomplishment defined completely on your own terms. It’s that individual feeling of satisfaction—or that individual inner drive—that makes life worth living. When you keep your eye on your ultimate reason for doing everything you do, you’ll fly through the chores and savor all the rest, packing in everything you can with a profound and productive view of life.

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