Brogan Graham On How November Project Spread To 41 Cities In Four Years

Every Wednesday morning before the sun comes up you can find a group of pro athletes, average athletes, and recently converted couch potatoes doing squats, burpees, hill sprints, and stadium stairs everywhere from Boston to Hong Kong.

And they all have one thing in common: they’re part of November Project.

Started as a way for two friends who had been Division 1 rowers to stay in shape during the frozen winters in Boston, November Project is a free fitness movement that has spread to 41 cities around the world in just four years.

So how do you get thousands of people to show up and workout together every single week without the forcing function of a gym membership or the draw of state-of-the-art facilities and workout equipment?

Human connection and the power of community.

Those are two of November Project founder Brogan Graham’s secrets, and he’ll be sharing the whole story behind how the NP movement grew at HYPERGROWTH, our first annual conference at Drift coming to Boston this fall.

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This won’t be your traditional tech conference, and Brogan won’t be your traditional tech speaker.

When we started talking to Brogan about speaking and being a part of HYPERGROWTH, he gave us one condition:

“I need to go after lunch. I love bringing the energy in the toughest slot of the day.”

(Who signs up for the first session after lunch!?)

And then Brogan sent over this picture from a talk he gave at Facebook earlier this year and it all made sense:

Brogan brings an energy that is contagious — and his story about growing November Project by focusing on passion, people, and the things that don’t scale is one that will leave you inspired, fired up, and thinking outside of the box (OK and maybe ready to do a burpee or two…)

Just to give you a better sense of what you can expect, here’s a quick conversation we had with Brogan last week, and a sneak peek at his talk:

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