Breaking Down Peach’s Onboarding


With 700+ upvotes on Product Hunt, messaging app Peach launched to much fanfare in the tech world last week.

The latest creation from Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann, Peach makes “keeping up with your friends easier and more fun,” and falls somewhere in-between Twitter, Slack, and Instagram.

Peach’s simple onboarding process was a big part of the app’s quick success. Let’s take a look at why it was so effective.

2016-01-09_at_10.31_PM.jpegClean And Simple Signup Flow

Great onboarding can immediately set new users up for engagement and longterm success, and many apps live and die depending on whether or not they can deliver quick time to value for new users.

Peach gets you right into a simple signup flow, making it painless to set up your profile as a new user:

update.jpeg                    Peach_2.jpeg

Peach is laser focused and asks for one thing at a time, instead of overwhelming users with lots of smaller tasks and popups all over the screen.

Fun And Helpful Product Copy

Instead of forcing you to walk through the app or throwing a list of features at you, Peach gets new users right to publishing their first message.

Once you’re in the app, Peach simply suggests a first update: “Try saying hello!” After you post hello, the app prompts you to then try to add a photo and post another message. This helps get every new user invested early:

Peach_3.jpeg                  Peach_4.jpeg

The Magic Of Magic Words

Peach’s secret feature is magic words, a function similar to Slack’s keyboard shortcuts. Magic words allow users to go beyond text and do things like share the weather, post a GIF, add a book you’re reading, and even identify a song you’re listening to.

Instead of going over the top and trying to explain every new feature, Peach lets you discover magic words on your own when you start typing in the app for the first time:



A Well-Timed Welcome Email

The cherry on top of Peach’s onboarding process was the email they sent after getting your account set up and publishing your first post. Too often this email gets sent before new users have even had a chance to play around in an app.

The email started with a quick thanks for downloading and an apology for some initial bugs. It’s always great when these emails feel like they were sent to you from an actual human.


It can be easy to jam too many features into a product announcement email, but despite what looks like a really long list, Peach’s copy was simple, friendly and informative:


A poor onboarding experience can leave new users feeling lost, but Peach makes onboarding look simple — and that’s exactly the goal.

From the fun branding to the friendly copy once you’re in the app, Peach gives users an enjoyable experience within seconds of downloading the app for the first time.

Time will tell if Peach can become the next powerful messaging app, but one thing is for sure: they nailed their product onboarding.


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