Why Today’s Buying Experience Is Broken: 3 Videos That Tell the Story

Go to any company website or YouTube channel today, and chances are you’ll be able to find a product video — something that explains what their product does, and how customers can use it to their benefit.

Here’s what you won’t typically find:

The company’s story. Their reason for being.

What problem are they trying to solve? What’s the narrative that’s driving their product forward? And — most importantly of all — how do customers fit into that narrative?

For a lot of companies, these stories are hidden. They’re buried inside of employee handbooks or internal decks.

At Drift, we wanted to take a different approach. So we decided to take the problems that we focus on solving every day, and the experiences that people are having, and turn them into short videos for all to see.

Instead of just giving our product the spotlight, we’re giving the customer the spotlight, and making the customer the main actor in our brand story.

So without further ado, here’s the first of three new videos we just released today…

1) Lead Forms

Ridiculous, right? And that’s the whole point.

With the traditional approach to lead generation, we’re spending all of this time and energy (and money) trying to get people to our websites. But then, once they get there, we make them fill out a form and wait before anyone will talk to them.

In the second video, we explore another ridiculous aspect of the traditional buying experience.

2) The Score

What’s worse than having to give away a bunch of personal information in exchange for product information?

Yep, you just witnessed it.

When companies obsess over lead score, they can miss the obvious opportunities standing right in front of them. It’s bad for a business, and it’s a terrible buying experience.

In the final video, we’ll look at one more example of where the traditional buying experience falls flat.

3) The Interruption

No one likes being ignored…and that’s especially true for your potential customers.

When a visitor drops by your website to learn about your product, you should be rolling out the red carpet for them — not giving them the cold shoulder and making them feel like they’re interrupting you.

Final Thought: Videos ⚡ by Drift

At Drift, we see video as being one of two megatrends (alongside messaging).

That’s why we have an entire team — Drift Studios — dedicated to producing videos that tell our brand story.

Granted, at the moment Drift Studios is two people, Amy Ahrens and Danielle Diamond, so a huge shout-out to them for putting these videos together. (And in case you were wondering, the actors are Drift product managers Emily Mias and Matt Bilotti.)

Stay tuned, because in a few weeks we’re going to share a behind-the-scenes look at how Drift Studios created these videos, from writing the scripts, to building the sets, to shooting and editing.

Thanks for watching!

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