Learn How To Set Up Drift Assistant for Sales in Just Five Minutes

If you’re responsible for a quota, you are probably spending a ton of time doing research on your prospects before a scheduled call. You’re also always meaning to send next steps, but often can’t find the time because you are constantly having to prep for the next meeting. We get it.

But what if you had an executive assistant to do all this digital paperwork (and more) for you?

We found ourselves thinking the same thing. And then we thought: “Why are there only chatbots or AI built just to help sales professionals keep up with their day?!”

That’s why at HYPERGROWTH this year, we launched Drift Assistant for Sales.

The Drift Assistant is a 24/7 AI assistant that eliminates your digital busywork so you can focus on providing the great customer experience people expect NOW.

But you are here to learn how to set it up. So in this post (and the video above), we will look inside Drift settings and learn exactly how to hire your Drift Assistant.

There are three things in Drift Assistant for Sales that we can do today.

Let’s head into your Drift Assistant settings page and we will dig in to each one.

drift assistant setup screen

Be prepared for every meeting

Before every meeting, you’ll get an email of everything you need to know, including any prior history, context on previous conversations, and notes on recent website activity.

This will give you a meeting prep email that is just off the charts. It eliminates the need to open up 11 browser tabs just to figure out who you’ll be talking to. In short, we are hearing that it’s an incredible email to get before your meetings.

drift assistant meeting prep email screenshot

The email is built just for you, to give you all the context you’ll need to hold the meeting. It will tell prep you with personal contact info, social links, company details like number of employees, if the company recently got funding and so much more.

drift assistant meeting prep visit history screenshot

Context comes baked in. Drift recaps all the recent page views and website history that led to a conversation or the meeting being booked and links to everything so you’ll never miss a beat.

Drift Assistant Meeting Prep Setup Screenshot

Never forget to follow-up with a meeting cancellation

When someone cancels a meeting, Drift Assistant will remind you to reach out and keep them warm, so you don’t have to spend your days chasing them down to reschedule.

Drift Assistant Follow up Email Screenshot

The Drift Assistant will look into your Salesforce for any activity with this qualified lead including a new meeting, chats sent from Drift, tasks, email exchanges or other Salesforce events, emails. If you haven’t followed up yet, we’ll send you a reminder.

The best part? You can set the standard for your entire team with templates.

Drift Assistant Meeting Follow up Setup Screenshot

Drift assistant for sales allows you to customize when this reminder will occur and gives you a customizable templated email to send just at the right time.

Always remember to send next steps

The Drift Assistant will make sure none of your potential customers fall through the cracks. If you forget to send next steps after a demo, the assistant will remind you.

Drift Assistant Meeting Followup Example Screenshot

After your demos and sales appointments, you can customize a prompt along with a customizable “next steps” or conversation recap email.

Drift Assistant Next Steps Setup Screenshot

This is a killer sales enablement tool that will help you get your team all on the same page with the sales process, but allows each member of the team to add their own personal touch when it comes time to send recaps.

Drift Assistant Meeting Follow up Customize Screenshot

We want to make sure these recap prompts are valuable, and only come when you really need them; so Drift let’s you customize which kinds of meetings you’ll receive these prompts for.

For instance, you may want to do what we have done here at Drift, and map it to be triggered only when the contact is in certain stages of your Salesforce opportunities.

Drift Assistant Salesforce Options Screen

Here’s how we set ours up: The contact must be part of an account with an open opportunity and limit it to certain account stages. We filter this down to only the Account Stages of Open, Sales Accepted, and Sales Qualified. This helps us to keep every reminder relevant.

Bonus: You aren’t limited to just account stages. There’s a lot more, and you can even trigger this based on any custom Salesforce event you happen to have (we often see this is some form of “demo given”).

Drift Assistant Calendar Reminder Setup Screenshot

You’re all set! You just hired a 24/7 AI assistant who will prep you for every meeting and tackle your to-do list. But most importantly, no lead will be left behind.

Now you can finally focus on having more meaningful conversations with your valuable time, and let Drift Assistant do all the busywork for you.

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