Announcing Our Integration With Segment


It’s on! Today we’re announcing our integration with Segment, the best way to collect, centralize, and deliver your customer data. It’s like a futuristic hover-craft that ports people to their destination at lightning speed unscathed. Except it ports your customer data (but everything else is accurate).

If you’re one of the tens of thousands of Segment customers, we don’t need to sell you on how great they are. But now, we get to tell you how easy they’ve made it to get up and running with Drift.

The Drift and Segment integration is live, and now Segment customers can get started with Drift in minutes.

Why Should You Care?

Great question.

Short answer: If you’re an internet business and care about keeping and growing your customers, you should care about Drift.

We give you a better way to communicate with your customers when and where they care: when they’re logged into your application, or searching on your site.

  • Live Chat With Customers. Talk to customers and prospects live inside of your web app to give them the answers they need at exactly the right time.
  • Send Email And In-App Messages. Send targeted messages so you can tell customers about new features, help them be more successful, and drive product adoption.
  • Get Feedback With Net Promoter Score. Take the guesswork out of customer happiness. Start getting feedback with NPS that will help your business grow and take action instantly.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

This gives your SaaS business a better way for everyone on your team to communicate with customers in one place. No more customer communications trapped in email – it’s all tracked in Drift. By sending relevant announcements, you’ll see better open and conversion rates, higher satisfaction, and reduced churn.

As we know, there are only three things that matter to SaaS businesses:

1. Customer acquisition.
2. Customer retention.
3. Monetization.

Drift helps you do all three.

And with the Segment integration, you can do all three, better.

Get Started For Free Today
If you already have Segment, that means you’re just a click away from engaging with your customers with Drift. Signup for free and get started today

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