Added Steps for Security: September Updates from Drift

Last month, we launched Drift’s new integration with Salesloft. The integration gives sales and marketing professionals the visibility and real-time communication tools to engage Salesloft-enrolled target accounts.

If you are a user of both Drift and Salesloft, we recommend connecting the integration to reach prospects when they’re on the website or as an outbound follow-up, based on a buyer’s interests.

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This month, our updates focused on making your Drift experience more secure.

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Security Updates

Account Update Email Verification

Adding a verification step on account updates allows us to make sure someone has access to the email they are trying to change along with adding resend logic which in turn makes Drift even more secure. Now, when you update the email associated with your Drift account, you can expect to receive an email that asks you to confirm it.

Email Verification on Org Creation

A verification step has been added to the org creation process that allows us to make sure someone actually has access to the email they are using to create an org.

Captcha on the Login Page

Drift now has Captcha on the login page. Having a Captcha for login prevents malicious parties trying to brute-force their way into our accounts. This makes our app more secure for both Drift and our customers.

Drift Video: Hiding Captions by Default

Previously, Drift Video had captions show up by default. Now, when you watch Drift Videos, the captions will be hidden unless you opt to turn them on.

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That’s it for this month. Check back next month for more updates powering an improved Drift Experience.

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