A Peek At The Future of Product Marketing

The first #PMMchat brought together product, growth and customer marketers from Indiegogo, Acquia, HubSpot and many others to about what’s going on in the growing world of relationship marketing.

Our focus this time around was product marketing, so we started by taking a crack at a definition (see what is product marketing).

Now that we know what product marketing does, who’s doing it well? Here were some of the leaders mentioned that we can all look to for inspiration:

Other companies mentioned were Indiegogo, Cloudera, Mixmax, Mulesoft, HubSpot, Evernote, Kissmetrics, Crazy Egg and Evernote. You can find 5 more companies who have product marketing down to a science here.
These leaders show that product marketing can really grow relationships with customers and have a big impact on a business. When is the right time to hire a product marketer?

Companies seem to be hiring PMMs earlier and earlier. How do we keep up and start getting better today? Chat members shared where they get their tips, tricks and secrets in product marketing:

Finally, what can we all look forward to in 2016? Here’s what we hope to see.

Thanks to everyone who joined the chat! We look forward to more in the future. Stay tuned to our Twitter and newsletter for more info. 

It’s not too late to join the conversation. Chat with 150+ product marketers in the Product Marketing Slack Channel.


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