4 Ways Fetchnotes Can Help You Ace Your Finals

It’s that time again: finals season. When every professor acts like their course is the only one you’re taking, and piles on the essays, reports, and projects while also expecting you to study up for the big semester-ending and grade-securing test. You have tons to do, and you have to keep it all organized if you want to get the right things done—and the right information absorbed—by each of your class’s deadlines.

How can you get through your finals successfully and keep some level of sanity while you do it? We have a few suggestions

Note Every Task the Instant You Think of It

Short-term memory isn’t always your best friend, especially when you have thirty different things clamoring for your brain’s attention. If you don’t write new tasks (or other thoughts) down within a few seconds of thinking of them, chances are you’ll forget them entirely until you see that deadline reminder pop up and put you into panic mode.

With Fetchnotes online and on your smartphone, it’s always in easy reach. As soon as you think of that book you should grab at the library for your research paper, or remember that you’ll need to proofread that essay before you hand it in, jot yourself a quick note. Review your notes a few times a day, and you’ll make sure everything gets done.

Keep Your Related Tasks Together for Easy Workflow

Long lists with tons of tasks can start to make your eyes swim. Having a single card or note for each individual task gives your brain more digestible chunks, and that makes things easier—as long as those chunks can be tied together so you can see your whole project at once as needed.

Fetchnotes hashtag labeling system gives you the best of both worlds. Have five different things you need to do in order to prep for that organic chemistry final? Make five different notes and tag each with #ochem, and you can pull them all up at once to review with ease, and check them out individually to better focus your mind and your efforts.

Organize Your Tasks by Location

You can’t spend your time criss-crossing campus one task at a time, making a new trip to the bookstore for each class or heading to the printing center for each individual hard copy your professors require. Fetchnotes lets you add as many hashtags as you need for optimum organization, so add a location tag and make things simple.

Three different classes and three very different projects have you heading to the library? Add a #library tag to the related notes, pull up all of your library-related notes when you’re heading over there, and knock out all of those tasks at once instead of making multiple trips.

Make Team Projects and Study Groups a Breeze

Fetchnotes makes communication easy, too, with “@” tags that are as simple to add as hashtag labels, and which notify your group members when there’s a note they need to see. “Meet @laura and @jim at the #library for #ochem study session, Monday at 2″—and whammo! You’ve got a super-organized and easily-reviewed note that Laura and Jim can see, too, making sure you’re all on the same page as you enter the home stretch.

Remember: everything happens one step at a time, even during the hectic info-cramming weeks of finals season. Keep those steps up-to-date and organized with Fetchnotes, and you’ll be well ahead of the curve.

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