Come On In, The Water’s Nice. 3 Reasons Why You Should Take The Plunge & Attend HYPERGROWTH Boston.

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Hello universe, I’m Sam.

I’ve been in marketing for 14 years. If there’s one thing we marketers love, it’s conferences.

And I swim through a lot of them every year. Most of them are average: the same cookie-cutter event, in a different hotel meeting space, and in a different city. You may receive a few sage nuggets of advice, but overall there is nothing particularly remarkable about each occasion.

But there’s one conference that really is different. HYPERGROWTH.

This was me at HYPERGROWTH Boston last year with Navy SEAL Jocko Willink 👇


Meeting Jocko alone turned me into a HYPERGROWTH superfan.

After getting FOMO from HYPERGROWTH London – and knowing that HYPERGROWTH Boston is right around the corner – I came up with three reasons why you need to attend if you’ve never been (and if you’re debating going, why you should just take the plunge already):

1) HYPERGROWTH puts a unique twist on the typical events you attend as a marketer.

I go to about six marketing conferences every year, and not to name any names, but most of these events end up feeling like a marathon you just need to power through. Not HYPERGROWTH. It’s a high energy experience. When have those words ever been used to accurately describe a marketing conference? And you’re not hearing thinly-veiled product pitches from people who want to sell to you. There are book authors, entrepreneurs, Navy SEALs, and YouTube Influencers, to name a few. Based on the lineup so far for this year, I know it’s going to be a chance to learn a ton and be inspired.

2) You don’t need to be a Drift customer to find value.

On paper, I’m not a Drift customer. But as a B2B marketer and buyer – and after attending HYPERGROWTH Boston last year and reading Conversational Marketing – I took so much away from the event. Best practices, ideas, breakthroughs.

All the people I’d talked to via e-mail, researched on the Drift blog, or watched on LinkedIn videos were present, and it was so cool to meet the people I’d been following for a while. There’s a lot of talk about the importance of customer experience nowadays, and Drift made sure its attendees got a great one at HYPERGROWTH – without drowning in tracks or optional sessions.

3) You get the chance to connect with like-minded marketers.

The people that attend HYPERGROWTH all have the same objectives in mind: we want to learn from the best and push our boundaries. We don’t just want the latest “shiny object” tool, but real change as marketers and humans.

Last year I was able to connect with another marketer that I had briefly met at another conference, and we exchanged a bunch of ideas at HYPERGROWTH. Here you’ll be with the thousands of other B2B pros who “get it” and want to do the same thing you want to do – create better experiences for your customers.

So, what is HYPERGROWTH in one word? Game-changing. Twitter might’ve been blowing up during HYPERGROWTH London, but I know Boston is going to be even bigger and better.

I’ll see you there on September 3rd!

Sam Frymer is the Marketing and Communications Manager at HMS, a leading healthcare technology company, helping healthcare organizations reduce costs and improve health outcomes. Their technology, analytics and engagement solutions help people save billions of dollars annually while helping health plan members lead healthier lives.

Ready to take the plunge? Register for HYPERGROWTH Boston here.

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