3 Lessons From Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff

On this episode of Seeking Wisdom, we’re talking about one of our all-time favorite books:

Behind The Cloud: The Untold Story Of How Salesforce.com Went From Idea To Billion-Dollar Company — And Revolutionized An Industry.

Now if you’re reading this here, you know Salesforce.

But don’t worry. This isn’t a podcast episode about a CRM (we would never subject you to such a thing).

It’s a podcast episode about how a company –who just so happened to make CRM software — took on Goliath, sparked a movement, and as a result, created a billion dollar brand.

David and I pulled out three key lessons from Salesforce and their legendary CEO Marc Benioff for this episode:

  1. Why a brand is your company’s most important asset.
  2. Why marketing is everyone’s job at a company today, not just the actual marketing team.
  3. Why (and how) to keep your standards high even as your company grows.

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