11 Things Growth and Product Marketers Should Never Be Without


1. A friendly customer. Someone that’s always up for helping you test out new features or messages.


2. Evernote. Because using pen and paper would mean that at some point, you’ll have to figure out how to read your own handwriting.

3. A trusted editor. “OK, so here goes this email to 10,000 of our paying customers…”

4. A/B tests. New CTA? Change to the onboarding flow? Every marketers favorite response: “let’s test it.” Always be testing, always be growing.


5. Trello. To track every campaign, experiement and to-do. And to think there was a time when you had to use your brain to keep track of everything.


6. A friend on the product team. Find engineer. Bribe engineer. Ask engineer to help you get access to some complex product usage data. Smile. Repeat.

7. Excel. Gulp. For better or worse, you can’t live without it. Even if it crashes your MacBook every single time.


8. A designer. For all of those important times when the combination of Canva and your Photoshop skills just won’t cut it.


9. Slack. “Wait. So you’re telling me that I can set up a channel and get a notification every time a customer does something in my app?”


10. A great teammate. Because there’s only so many times that you can tell your spouse or your roomate about that new test you ran that produced a 17% lift (!) in conversions.


11. Coffee. And preferably some that’s made in a machine that looks like a spaceship.


What are some of the things that you can’t live without as a marketer?

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