Say Hello to Drift ABM

You spend time, money and a lot of effort driving your highest valued accounts to your website. But when those VIP leads get to your site you force them to fill out forms. That’s like having a neon “open” sign on your storefront but a padlock on the front door.

Instead, roll out the red carpet for your dream customers by greeting them with a personalized message using Drift ABM.

Here's what you need to know about Drift ABM.

Meet the new Account dashboard in Drift

Drift Enterprise customers will now see a new Account dashboard in their Drift. The Account dashboard is where you manage your target accounts. To add accounts, sync with Salesforce or add them manually. Once synced or added you’ll have designated account owners for all your accounts.

Get notified when your dream customers visit your site

Your account owners want to know when their target accounts – the people they are dying to talk to – visit your site. And now they will, with desktop notifications sent automatically by Drift.

Say hello to your VIPs with a personalized message

When your VIP target accounts reach your site, they’ll automatically be greeted with a personalized welcome message from their account owner. This even works for anonymous visitors, using Clearbit Reveal, a library of company data that Drift automatically pulls to populate attributes like company name (“CyboThreat”) or industry type (“B2B Saas companies”).

Not there to respond? Our bots have your back.

If your account owner is not around the moment one of your dream customers responds to their automatic welcome message, our bots will jump into the conversation and book a meeting for them. They’ll never miss an opportunity again.

Get the reporting you need on your conversational account-based marketing

For every account that visits your website, every conversation that occurs with a VIP account, every meeting booked, you need to know how your ABM efforts are performing. Don’t worry, with Drift ABM you’ll get reporting on the things that matter.

What should you do next?

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