Are you making it harder for your buyers to, well… buy?

Think about it.

You spend all this time and money getting people to your site only to serve up a lengthy, static form? That’s a less than ideal experience and one that’s likely to bounce buyers right off your site.

Because in today’s world, forms = friction.

Buyers expect (and deserve) immediate answers. And they know forms just can’t deliver. But, we get it. You need to collect some information so you can follow up with leads and engage them throughout their buyer journey.

There’s a better way.

See: Conversational Marketing

With Conversational Marketing, you can engage visitors in real-time when they’re active, engaged and ready to chat. Allowing your visitors to talk to you when they want to, on their terms, means you can convert more of these visitors into buyers.

Traditional B2B Buying is Built for Later.

With your form, this is what a typical buyer journey looks like
Friction, Company-Centric, Later.

The Results

US Marketers spent
in digital advertising last year even though the average landing page only converts
of visitors.
of companies do not follow up with people who actually fill out the form.
of tech buyers don’t fill out forms when they encounter gated content.
conversion rate if responding to lead within 5 minutes.

Remove Friction with a Conversation.

With conversational marketing, you give your buyers a direct line to your sales team, to get their questions answered now, not later.

Frictionless, Built for Now.

Start having conversations